Ready for K Alliance partnership includes local organizations, businesses, and community leaders that are working together with parents, teachers, and early care and education providers to increase engagement and involvement to ensure children start kindergarten ready to succeed.

The Ready for K Alliance includes more than 100 partners and organizations that are united in the goal to have all children enter kindergarten ready to succeed. The Alliance identifies what works best for early childhood education in our community and informs families and neighborhoods on the importance of kindergarten readiness. But maybe one of its most important benefits is helping people understand that we really do have the ability to affect the success of our children.

Guiding Team

The Ready for K Alliance leadership team, called the Guiding Team is comprised of key stakeholders and content experts who serve as an advisory team and monitor progress toward goals seek out opportunities to make collective asks to advance the work. Metro United Way serves as the community lead for the Ready for K Alliance, uniting the most effective organizations and individuals around the first, critical years of a child’s life.

Alliance Partners