Champions for Child Care

We aim to enhance awareness and champion family-friendly workplaces across Louisville by developing a network of employers who are child care advocates actively engaged within the coalition

Who We Are

Champions for Child Care is a business-led campaign that advocates for affordable and accessible child care services. Every child deserves a safe, nurturing environment to grow and thrive.


Through our partnerships with local businesses and organizations, including the statewide convenor, a Strong Start Kentucky. Together, our coalition works towards creating a sustainable child care system that meets the needs of families and supports the development of children.

Why Now?

  • There isn’t enough talent in the pipeline to fill open job vacancies,

  • 72% of Kentucky voters support more taxpayer money going toward providing high-quality child care

  • 47% of parents report leaving work early to attend to child needs

  • 26% of parents have had to quit work to stay home because of child care

  • Over 30% of kids under 5 in Kentucky lack the child care they need.

Bottom line: The lack of quality and accessible child care in Kentucky is not just a problem for working parents -it’s an issue that directly impacts employers at every level across our community, and ultimately, it negatively hinders the economic prosperity of Jefferson County and the Commonwealth.

Become a Champion

When you sign the pledge, you’re joining the Champions for Child Care campaign alongside hundreds of other Kentuckians saying together:


“For Louisville to be a thriving and equitable community, with a strong workforce, child care can not be a barrier to employment. As an employer in the community, we support policy change that provides accessible, affordable, and high-quality child care for every Louisvillian.”


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