What is the
Ready for K Alliance?

The Ready for K Alliance is a collaborative network of individuals and organizations committed to a seamless system of support for all children ages birth to kindergarten entry and their families, with a focus on improving outcomes and ending disparities for the most underserved children in our community.

Dedicated to Improving Outcomes for Children

The Ready for K Alliance is focused on ensuring all children enter kindergarten ready to thrive. Kindergarten readiness is an important indicator of whether children will succeed in the classroom for years to come. Based on local data, Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) students who entered school ready for kindergarten in 2016 were over three times as likely to achieve test results at or above their grade level on their standardized math and reading tests in the 3rd grade.

For the 2019-2020 school year only 51.7% of JCPS incoming kindergarteners entered school ready for kindergarten. The Ready for K Alliance is dedicated to improving this outcome for children in our community, not only ensuring they have access to the supports they need from birth to kindergarten entry, but giving them the opportunity to thrive for years to come.

The Ready for K Alliance is committed to improving outcomes for children by focusing on four outcomes areas:

  • HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT: Children are born healthy with access to resources to maintain healthy development.
  • ACCESS AND QUALITY: Families have access to affordable, high-quality early care and education.
  • FAMILY AND CAREGIVER ENGAGEMENT: Families and caregivers are equipped with knowledge and understanding of their child’s development and involve themselves in helping them thrive.
  • SYSTEMS ALIGNMENT: Institutions, services, and agencies serving children are comprehensive, collaborative, aligned and coordinated.

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