Countdown to Kindergarten

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Countdown to Kindergarten Family Engagement Calendar

Will your child be going to kindergarten soon? Do you worry about the transition to kindergarten? Does your family have questions about signing up or getting ready for kindergarten? This calendar will help you! It has information about registering your child for school and suggestions for ways to help your child learn through playing and activities at home. Use this Countdown to Kindergarten Calendar as a guide to help you and your child transition to kindergarten during this exciting time.

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Countdown to Kindergarten Practitioner Engagement Calendar

Every meeting with a family is an opportunity to provide resources and support that could help that family. The transition to kindergarten can be overwhelming. YOU and your organization can help! This Countdown to Kindergarten Calendar offers talking points and activities you can use when you meet families preparing for kindergarten. The first part includes activities for any time of the year. The second part has activities for each calendar month. This calendar is a resource to help you help families and streamline the process of sharing information throughout the community.

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10/27/22 – Empowering Families through Kindergarten Transition

Download Powerpoint Presentation HERE.