Countdown to Kindergarten

Professional Development Trainings

Welcome to the Countdown to Kindergarten Professional Development Trainings. This series aims to create unified messaging and approaches for sharing resources across community partners as well as supporting coordination and alignment of kindergarten transition practices. These slides and videos are designed for anyone who works with or serves families of young children and was focused on sharing resources and tools that will help you support families preparing for kindergarten.

K Transition Supports for Parenting Adults

This training highlights supports for parenting adults as they prepare to transition their children into kindergarten including:

  • Logistical considerations when planning for the first day of kindergarten
  • Mental health supports for parenting adults

Download Powerpoint Presentation HERE.

K Transition Tools and Supports for English Language Learners

This training highlights the resources and tools available for families who speak a language other than English as they transition their children to kindergarten. These resources include:

  • Amy Whitehead, Ed.S, JCPS ESL Specialist of Intake & Assessment, discussed the JCPS English as a Second Language (ESL) intake and screening process.
  • Current JCPS resources to support multilingual families and where to locate them.
  • The Countdown to Kindergarten resources will also be reviewed to support families during this transitional period.

Download Powerpoint Presentation HERE.

Health Requirements for Kindergarten

This training highlights the health requirements necessary to prepare a child for kindergarten including:

  • Dr. Sheridan Langford speaks about the health forms, immunizations, and development milestones that doctors are looking
  • Activities from the Countdown to Kindergarten calendar to support families during this transitional time period
  • How to connect families with resources to meet the requirements necessary for kindergarten

Download Powerpoint Presentation HERE.

K Transition Processes and Countdown to Kindergarten Resources

This training highlights kindergarten transition processes and Ready for K’s Countdown to Kindergarten resources:

  • An introduction to the Countdown to Kindergarten Calendar
  • An overview of the process and helpful resources for enrolling in JCPS

Download Powerpoint Presentation HERE.