By using evidenced-based best practices and a collective impact approach, the Ready for K Alliance will lead the charge in proving that we can influence the success of our children in the earliest years of their lives; that we all have an important role in this influence; and that we are all equipped to participate in this success. The result of these efforts will be increased educational attainment that improves the odds for our children and, ultimately, leads to a more successful community as a whole.

Key Statistics

In 2015-2016, 53% of children in Jefferson County Public Schools entered Kindergarten underprepared. This resulted in Jefferson County ranking 89th out of 173 Kentucky school districts for Kindergarten Readiness. A child who is not prepared to learn in Kindergarten faces an uphill battle through their education process.

Goals for 2020

77% of Children will enter Kindergarten prepared by 2020

Below are the priority zip codes where data capacity and opportunity highlight the need for increased community support and action. These zip codes include but are not limited to:

Improvement in preparedness in priority zip codes.

Ready for K Alliance’s Success

The Ready for K Alliance has increased on-time kindergarten registration by 190%.
The Ready for K Alliance has increased the number of children served in Kindergarten Camps from 80 to 800.
The Ready for K Alliance has mobilized over $2.4 million in new funding to support early careand education.