Advocacy & Policy

In 2019, the Ready for K Alliance conducted workshops with community stakeholders to identify institutional, local, state, and federal policy priorities for the Alliance. These priorities serve as a guide for the Ready for K Alliance’s advocacy work and provide the foundation upon which specific policies are being developed and supported.

Healthy Development:

  • Ensure adequate and equitable prenatal care
  • Ensure access to preventative and comprehensive health care for families
  • Increase the use of developmental screenings and referrals
  • Increase access and funding for parenting education and home visiting programs
  • Improve coordination of services between community-based providers
  • Ensure access to safe, affordable, housing and healthy environments
  • Ensure access to healthy food and nutritional supports

Access & Quality:

  • Ensure programs are culturally and linguistically appropriate
  • Recognize early care educators as professionals by increasing training requirements and compensation
  • Increase Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) reimbursement rates
  • Expand Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) eligibility
  • Address facility and funding needs in order to increase the number of full day/full year child care slots
  • Connect funding to 5 Star quality rating system
  • Create tax incentives, including credits, for businesses to support child care centers
  • Allow high-quality private early care and education programs to access state pre-K funds
  • Increase collaboration between child care and publicly funded pre-K programs and kindergarten
  • Align high quality pre-K curriculum across public and private settings
  • Increase public funding for pre-K programs
  • Ensure and improve developmental appropriateness of both pre-K programs and kindergarten

Family & Caregiver Engagement:

  • Increase adult education attainment
  • Improve public transportation systems
  • Support family-friendly policies, including paid family leave and income stability
  • Create incentives for family engagement

Ready for K Alliance members can make a request for the Alliance to take a position on specific legislation aligned with this collective policy agenda at any time. To ask the Alliance to engage on an issue, please complete this form:

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